Brand Story

Let's face it—most of us have a complicated love-hate relationship with coffee. Struggling to find the balance, asking ourselves 'how much coffee is too much?' or 'is this too little?' we often found ourselves crossing a line that led to an all-too-familiar sense of anxiety. While we loved the ritual and the initial rush of focus, the jitters and the inevitable crash were downsides we could do without.

As two seasoned entrepreneurs who thrive on focus and energy, we found ourselves in an on-and-off struggle with coffee. The question we kept asking was simple but profound: How can we create an all-natural morning ritual in a single beverage that boosts energy and improves focus, without the jitters of coffee? With our knack for problem-solving, we rolled up our sleeves and dug deep into nutritional science, consulted with leading experts, and ran numerous trials. After meticulous research and a lot of taste-testing, we were finally able to craft what is now known as Awake's Adaptogenic Alt-Brew.

For 12 months, we've been enjoying our homemade alt-brew as part of our morning routine. The transformation has been incredible: focused energy without jitters, greater mental clarity, and a sense of balance we never felt with coffee. But what began as a personal solution soon felt like something more; it felt like a discovery we had to share.

We knew we'd stumbled onto something special—a fusion of age-old wisdom and modern nutritional science that tackled the root causes of our daily stresses and energy dips, rather than just masking them. It’s more than just a drink; it’s a ritual that honors both the complexity of nature and the demands of modern life.

So here we are, sharing Awake's Adaptogenic Alt-Brew with you. Because everyone deserves a morning ritual that leaves them feeling truly awake, in every sense of the word.

Alex McBride & Jake McKeon